Where do I download my files?

Upon completion of payment, your order page will give you a link to download the files. You'll also get an email with order confirmation, plus an additional email with the link for your files. Please SAVE this email for future downloads, if needed.

If for some reason you never received the email, please contact us at teftyandmeems@gmail.com and we'll resend the email within 24-48 hours.

How do I install the sample pack onto my MPC One/Live/etc?

When you extract the sample pack file, there will be a folder titled "Expansions". If you do not have a pre-existing "Expansions" folder installed on your standalone MPC 2.x devices SD card, then you can simply copy the "Expansions" folder directly to the ROOT of your SD card, and that's it! Next time you boot up your MPC, the expansion should be available.

If you already have an "Expansions" folder, then copy the contents of the sample pack "Expansion" folder into your pre-existing "Expansions" folder on the SD Card, and you're done!

How do I install the sample pack into my MPC Software?

Very easy! Just drag the ".npk" file into your MPC software and a dialog should popup to install the package.

How do I use the samples with Ableton Live?

Just drag and drop the audio files into your Ableton Live session. If it doesn't detect the BPM correctly, the file name will contain both the original BPM and Key Signature.

Can I get a return on my order?

Currently, we do not offer returns on digital products.