License Agreement for Samples

By purchasing samples from, the LICENSEE is granted a non-exclusive LICENSE to use the SAMPLES within their own musical composition works.

The LICENSEE is granted the right to combine the SAMPLES with other audio for musical works, commercials, instrumentals, games scores, tv and film scores.

The LICENSEE can use the SAMPLES in works that will be used for commercial purposes.

The LICENSEE will NOT be required to pay further fees or royalties for commercially released works.

The LICENSEE may NOT transfer or resale the license to another person.

The LICENSEE may NOT claim ownership or authorship over the SAMPLES.

The LICENSEE may NOT include the SAMPLES as part of another sample pack.

The LICENSEE may NOT sell any of the samples to another party.

The LICENSEE may NOT use the SAMPLES in isolation (when not in a musical composition context) as part of a commercially released project.

The LICENSEE agrees to these terms upon purchasing the SAMPLES.