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Tefty & Meems

Phrases Volume 1 (Audio Loops for MPC 2.x, Ableton Live etc)

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Our first collection of samples! This pack contains 8 sessions each with a set of vocal phrases from Meems, analog synth drums, analog synth bass, and some keys from Tefty. Most sessions include two sets of vocal phrases with different lyrics.

Each set contains at least 1 lead vocal along with 2 harmony vocals that either support direct harmonies or offer layered vocal support.

The MPC 2.x files contain fully tagged and loaded clip programs for each session. This allows them to be automatically synced to your host BPM. Key signatures are baked into all the files for the MPC expansion.

Quick Stats:

  • Pack Size: 318 Megabytes of audio loops (72 files total)
  • Audio: 48khz 24bit
  • Formats Supported: MPC 2.x, Audio loops wav format
  • Vocal Parts: 42 in total
  • Drum Loops: 8
  • Synth Bass Loops: 8
  • Synth Keys Loops: 14
  • Sessions: 8 in total with most having 2 lead vocal phrases and 4 harmony vocal phrases

License agreement.

The Gear Used

Everything in Vocal Phrases Volume 1 has been treated with an assortment of analog gear. Starting with Meems vocal chain, the mic is the Shure SM7b (a studio standard) into an RND517 Mic Preamp. Then into a Pete's Place BAC500 FET compressor (gives that 1176 feel). Then into a Buzz Audio Essence Opto compressor for that gentle squeeze. And finally into a Purple Audio Lil PEQr for some extra analog vibe.

The drums were an Arturia Drum Brute Impact that got extra grit from a Purple Audio Action FET compressor. Followed into a Drawmer 1978 or a bit more hair. Followed into an A Designs EM-PEQ shelving EQ to taste.

The bass synth is the Behringer Model D, which most people know the sound of already. It got a taste of the API 525 legendary compressor. Followed into a Drawmer 1968 for a bit more Tube compression. Finished with a Tonelux EQP5.

Two other synths were used for the samples. The first is the Sequential Pro 3. This got a extra compression from a Buzz Audio SOC-20 Opto compressor. The mid-side processor was used heavily on it.

The second synth was the Novation Summit. This also got a Buzz Audio compressor, the DBC-20 Diode bridge compressor.

Finally, all samples in the pack were finished off with our analog summing chain. The samples were sent our with a MOTU 24ao interface into a Burl Audio Vancouver B32 summing box with the transformers engaged and being hit just enough. After the Burl, the signal was sent into a WesAudio _DIONE VCA compressor. And finally finished off with a WesAudio _PROMETHEUS buss EQ. Both WesAudio units has the THD set to medium. The audio was captured with a mastering grade ADC, the Mytek Brooklyn ADC.

Lots of juicy analog transformers getting engaged throughout the recording process. Even more details can be found in this video.